Kingwood Area Democrat Egberto Willies Featured In Houston Chronicle


Kingwood Area Democrat Egberto Willies Featured In Houston Chronicle

Today I was honored to be featured in the Houston Chronicle. I want to stress that absent the hard work of ALL our Kingwood Area Democrats our growth and visibility would not have come to fruition. We intend to continue growing and offering ALL our families, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors of whatever political stripe the opportunity to dialog and who knows, maybe even join us to move the country forward.

Visit our website (http://KingwoodAreaDemocrats.org), our blog (http://KADBlog.org), or our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/241570476849/). Look out for our ads in both the Observer and the Tribune newspapers. Given that it is our belief that real factual messaging is not reported, we have decided to pay the newspapers to print fact based information that anyone can research on their own. If you are so inclined, please donate at our website to help keep our community informed.

Kingwood Area Democrats along with other progressive groups can be found at the corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Blvd. every Saturday between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. Come join us for positive and factual discourse. You can even enjoy a complimentary donut as we talk policy.


Kingwood Area Democrat Egberto Willies Featured In Houston Chronicle

Honored To Be Recipient Of One Of 6 CNN iReport Spirit Honoree Awards In Atlanta At CNN iReport Award Ceremony


Honored To Be Recipient Of One Of 6 CNN iReport Spirit Honoree Awards In Atlanta At CNN iReport Award Ceremony

June 24, 2012 By Egberto Willies Leave a Comment (Edit)

CNN iReport Awards_logo2012-07-03_17-15-58_726While at Netroots Nation 2012 a CNN iReport producer emailed asking for a headshot for a special project. CNN iReports always have special projects many of us work on because we simply love citizen journalism. CNN has given a unique opportunity 2012-07-03_17-16-32_517to citizen journalist the ability to give their material national and international exposure using a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship. I simply though they were preparing another set of ads for some new political project. Unbeknownst to me they wanted the headshot because I was one of six to be 2012 iReport Spirit Honorees.

I got home late last night from the Houston Gay Pride. On checking my email and Tweetdeck the email and tweet congratulations were on the top of the stack. I wanted to go to Atlanta for the award show but my travelling non-budget is busted and unlike some of my other trips Netroots was 100% out of pocket.

Congratulations to the other recipients, specifically Mark Ivy (k3vsDad) who challenges my political reports frequently and Matt Sky (liereport)  whose reports I always enjoy.


Of course we must give all kudos to the specific iReports that won in 6 specific categories. My friend Melissa Fazli (MelissaF) won the Commentary category. She was up against another good friend Omékongo Dibinga (omekongo). Well, one had to win.

Of course the big award went to the most prolific iReporter on the planet. My friend, Chris Morrow(ChrisMorrow) who lived in Conroe Texas but now resides in San Diego California, received the “One Community Choice Award”.

A group of us at Occupy Kingwood (Dr. Theis, Courtney Smith, Professor Davis, Professor Pogue) sent a shout out to the Award Show. CNN has been great in given one of the longest Occupy events (our Occupy Kingwood) in the country coverage inasmuch as it is completely ignored by our local media.

Honored To Be Recipient Of One Of 6 CNN iReport Spirit Honoree Awards In Atlanta At CNN iReport Award Ceremony

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Lost Decade for American Income – WSJ.com

It is great that WSJ is given some time to this issue now. Most Americans already new they were falling behind. Unfortunately there is nothing on the immediate horizon that will take the middleclass back to a growing path because for all practical purposes the titans of finance have unpatriotically sold out our country in their continued efficiency in wealth accumulation and their income expansion.

Interesting enough if the average Americans do not educate themselves, (after-all both main stream and Right Wing media mislead, the latter ever so much more) in order to not repeat the same mistakes of the last 30 years. It is clear that these policies had middleclass America simply treading water.

My book identifies & explores these issues and suggest big picture solutions that we pay our politicians to effect into policy.

Book Title: As I See It: Class Warfare: The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom
ISBN: 1453608168
Amazon(Paperback): http://amzn.to/dt72c7
Amazon(Kindle): http://amzn.to/9uFIrV
Book Webpage: http://bit.ly/9sJpA1



The downturn that some have dubbed the "Great Recession" has trimmed the typical household’s income significantly, new Census data show, following years of stagnant wage growth that made the past decade the worst for American families in at least half a century.


Conor Dougherty and Mark Whitehouse discuss two sides of America’s strained economy: a poverty rate that has climbed to its highest level since 1994 and the increasing income volatility among the rich.

The bureau’s annual snapshot of American living standards also found that the fraction of Americans living in poverty rose sharply to 14.3% from 13.2% in 2008—the highest since 1994. Some 43.6 million Americans were living below the official poverty threshold, but the measure doesn’t fully capture the panoply of government antipoverty measures.

The inflation-adjusted income of the median household—smack in the middle of the populace—fell 4.8% between 2000 and 2009, even worse than the 1970s, when median income rose 1.9% despite high unemployment and inflation. Between 2007 and 2009, incomes fell 4.2%.

"It’s going to be a long, hard slog back to what most Americans think of as normalcy or prosperous times," said Nicholas Eberstadt, a political economist at the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute.


Lost Decade for American Income – WSJ.com

Discount Books Resellers Must Have Broad Political Categories

These are political times. We have a population that no longer has an affinity for reading. Resellers of discount books must have broad political categories in their offerings to ensure that we do not get simply the option of reading novels or books of little consequence to one’s life.

So why am I writing this blog entry? I decided to visit many discount book stores online and brick and mortar and I was unable to find my own book either on the shelves or online. Most of them offered to get the book at full price. The problem is I am sure their buying power affords them to get the books at much better than list price.

So how is this problem solved? This blog is visited by many readers. Moreover, it is visited by readers who are looking for substance. It is imperative that you start emailing and writing booksellers inviting them to select more extensive repertoire of books. While they may say the demand is not there, do remind them that many times it is them who generate the demand by simply have good products that represent a good value, good books.